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Individual (Regular Membership)    $20
Household Membership    $35
Junior Membership    $10

Associate Membership  $10

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Please return completed application along with membership dues payable to Sunshine State Papillon Club to:
Mary Jo Korpi, Secretary
778 99th Ave N
Naples, FL 34108


Each member shall keep accurate and complete records of all Papillon matings, pedigrees and transfers. Litter registration applications must be correct. Breeders have an obligation to research their pedigrees for correct ancestry and spelling.

Every dog sold shall be accompanied by a signed registration, or registration application and a four-generation pedigree, unless both seller and buyer agree in writing that the dog is sold without AKC Registration papers. There must never be an extra charge for AKC Registration documents.

For each sale, the breeder shall give a record of dates and types of immunizations given and suggested dates and types of immunizations required. Instructions (preferable written) on proper care, grooming and feeding should be provided. No puppy shall be should without either temporary or permanent protection against Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis. Puppies should have a veterinary examination and be wormed (if required) before sale.

When breeding, every attempt must be made to produce Papillons conforming to the standard of the breed, not merely to produce pets for sale. Dogs with serious faulty temperament or with congenital unsoundness (including Patella Luxation, Malocclusion, Eye Abnormalities, Undescended Testicles, etc.) should not be used for breeding.

As a general rule, bitches should not be mated prior to physical maturity (one year or older), nor bred more often than two heats out of three. There is so much variation in the frequency of heats and size of litters, that there may be valid exceptions  to this rule.

Advertising should be factual. It should not be worded to attract undesirable buyers, or to encourage raising dogs for profit. Young puppies should not be described as show and/or breeding stock.

Care should be taken to evaluate individual buyers with regard to suitability of the home being offered. The well being of the dog is of the utmost importance. Selling to dealers, or pet shops is discouraged, as it is difficult to determine the ultimate disposition of the dog. No member should buy litters or individual dogs purely for resale.

If a personal emergency arises where a breeder must dispose of stock quickly, other members should offer their assistance until suitable homes can be found... assuming that the distressed member has bred selectively and is therefore deserving of help.

Good sportsmanship is expected of members, in and out of the show ring. No member should malign another, either his person or his dogs. Members should not exhibit as "filler" dogs, which they know to be unworthy of championship, nor should they indulge in the practice of entering "Kennel Majors".

The Sunshine State Papillon Club strongly disproves of exporting dogs to any country in which the treatment of dogs is in any way questionable, and urges its members not to consider exporting Papillons to such a country.

 "If elected to membership, I agree to abide by the guidelines printed above"

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