Summary of Results
from previous SSPC Specialties

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Congratulations to all of the winners. 

Date        Judge       BOB/Owner                                     BOS/Owner                                   WD                                             WB

05/4/03   G Kelly    CH Cadaga Civil Action                   CH Caspian's Blue Print                  L'Ete Cadaga Phenomenon           Denzel The Pickpocket
               P Hauck   L Sohn/K Ozeki                               M Maytag/J Hearney/A Svennson   S Sohn/L Sohn                             T Burdick 

12/9/04   S Keating CH Caprice n Flashpt Ghost Buster  CH Coquina Y Cuz I Can Flashpt   Domino's No Speed Limit             Banneret's Princesse Lacharme 
                               A & K Booth/A Czech/M Korpi       A Czech/M Korpi/ A & K Booth    D & R Cohen                              C Ezelle 

12/15/05 H Smith    CH Queen Bless JP Royal Silk          Riley's Chance Of A Lifetime           Kingshaven Uphold The Dream   Riley's Chance of A Lfietime 
                                T Sommerson-Wilcox/J McLaren     B Bray                                            R & D Ford/V Tiovanen   B Bray 

1/9/06    W Dolan    CH Cadaga Civil Action                   Akai's Divine Diva                           Diamondsun's Tommy Boy          Akai's Divine Diva 
                                 L Sohn/K Ozeki                               M Ford                                           K Macphee                                M Ford 

12/14/06 P Lanard   CH Cadaga Civil Action                  Topflite Toast of the Town              Forevr Cary Grant                      Topflite Toast of the Town 
                                L Sohn/K Ozeki                              L Jensen/S Schumacher/J Carl        D Moulton/R Ford                      L Jensen/S Schumacher/J Carl 

7/6/07    C Brossard CH Wildfire On A Roll                   CH Coquina Castle Rock of Flashpt Allaflutter Good Karma              Rocyns Don Diego De La Vega 
                                A Pickett/C Pickett                         A Czech/M Korpi                            L Koncel                                  C Springer/G Lewis 

12/13/07 A Benko   CH Forevr Errol Flynn                    Braylor's Fancy Dancer                    Shoshana's Ring Leader             Braylor's Fancy Dancer 
                                L Landis                                         B Bray                                             P & V Blackburn                       B Bray 

8/8/08   KB Sawyer CH Wildfire Make Me A Starr       Forevr There She is At Rocyn          Wildire Buck the System            Forevr There She is At Rocyn 
                                M Coad                                         C Springer                                        A Pickett                                   C Springer 

8/9/08 M Miller       CH Namaste QB Villa Incognito     CH Denzel Spirit of Adventure         Pine Creak It Must Be Magic     Blue Moon's Lone Star L'Oreal 
                                S & J PaskVan/L Bayless/E Pyatte  B Blum/T Burdick                          J Carpenter/S Simmons               J St Giermaine/C Sager 

1/1/09 G Kelly         CH Wildfire Make Me A Starr       CH Wildfire On the Rocks              L'Ete Cadaga Missionary Man     Magnolise Exotic Touch of Jasmine 
                                M Coad                                         A Pickett/C Pickett                         L Sohn/S Sohn                            R Levado 

1/2/09 Frederiksen   CH Wingssong Rock Star              CH Wildfire On the Rocks              L'Ete Cadaga Missionary Man     L'Ete Cadaga All Eyes On Me 
                                P Jones                                         A Pickett/C Pickett                          L Sohn/S Sohn                            L Sohn/S Sohn 

12/18/10 SG Allen   CH Forevr Errol Flynn                   CH Wildfire On the Rocks               Alikazam True At First Light        Amoure Beau's A Fish Called Wanda 
                                L Landis                                        M Mosing/C Pickett                        C Vied/G Spivey                         N Rudolph 

6/25/11 P Green      GCH Wildfire On the Verge          CH Coquina Y Cuz I Can Flashpt     Wildfire On the Record               Rocyn's Fast and Furious 
                               A Pickett/C Pickett                        A Czech/M Korpi                            A Pickett/ C Pickett                    C Springer 

12/16/11 Morgan-Jones  GCH Wildfire On the Verge  Wildfire On the Record                     Shoshana's Kelev                        Candella Me & My Shadow 
                                      A Pickett/C Pickett                A Pickett/C Pickett                          V & P Blackburn/S Gillenwater   C Ochs 

6/1/12 D Read         GCH Shoshana's Ring Leader      GCH Coquina's Just Desserts          Forevr Gyspy Rider                    Krystal Scarlet Feather 
                                V & T Sampson/P Blackburn A Czech/M Korpi/S Kovach                R Ford/D Ford                           S Pope/K Murad 

12/14/12 Alderman  GCH Fenice Le Beaudraux         CH Majical Mystery's Abby Road   Involo Only If You Promise         Insky In Light of the Spirit 
                                R Greathouse/E & M Perry         J Widing                                         M & D & G Garofalo                  J Maes 

6/22/13 Lucas                GCH Wildfire On the Record Wildifre On the Map                       Wildifre On the Map                   Wildfire What Goes Around 
                                      N Shaw/A Pickett/ C Pickett A Pickett/C Pickett                          A Pickett/C Pickett                     A Pickett/ C Pickett